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Breathable latex pillow with double-sided texture

Our double-sided textured, highly breathable latex pillow provides all-around head and neck support and a refreshing, breathable sleep experience by experiencing a wraparound, suspended sleeping sensation, a cozy, breaded design, and 3D breathable channels.

New Shape

Wrapping silhouette, accompanying sleep

Soft and high elasticity

Gently supports the cervical spine and relaxes naturally

Zoning Design

Traction on shoulders and neck, evenly releasing pressure

Breathability upgrade

Three-dimensional multi-dimensional structure to avoid stuffiness

Experience the feeling of suspended sleep

It adopts 5-part design to meet the neck support of different sleeping positions.

Comfortable bread-shaped design

The back uses a classic bread pillow surface to match long-term sleeping habits.

The pillow core is made of 93% natural latex

The pillow core is made of 93% natural latex, which is soft and not easy to deform and collapse.

3D Three-dimensional breathable channel

Multiple breathable slots and breathable holes are distributed on the surface, combined with countless gaps in the internal honeycomb structure of the latex, allowing internal air to shuttle freely.

Choosing a good pillow is essential

Here are some key benefits of selecting the right pillow:

“Advantages of Microbead Particle Filled Flow Breathable Massage Pillow”

“Microbead particles are combined with pearl cotton. After repeated research, it is concluded that the gold 2:1 ratio of 0.5mm microbeads has good fluidity. The pearl cotton provides high elastic support to ensure comfortable support during sleep.”

Mobile and breathable

“0.5mm fine particles, light weight, good pressure resistance and recovery, and excellent breathability. During sleep, it evenly contacts the head and neck to relax and reduce pressure.”

“The fine particles of uniform size have strong fluidity and actively fill the sleep gaps of the head, neck and shoulders to better relax the head and neck and bring all-round pressure relief.”

Requently asked questions

What should you pay attention to when using latex pillows?


Precautions for using natural latex

-Natural latex is relatively delicate. Please control your strength when disassembling and installing the mattress cover to prevent the latex from tearing due to excessive force.

– Do not expose latex products to the sun, just place them in a ventilated place to dry. Exposure to the sun will cause surface powdering, latex aging, and shortened service life. -Do not use if you are allergic to natural latex. 

– Product parameter design, size, weight and other information are measured manually. There may be errors caused by measuring instruments, operation and reading, or changes in packaging materials. The measurement data are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product for details.

What should I do if my latex pillow smells?

The latex pillows on our website are natural latex products. They will inevitably have a slight latex smell after being taken out of the sealed packaging bag. It is recommended that those who are sensitive to odors place them in a cool and ventilated place for 3-5 days before using them.

What should I do if my latex pillow has tear stains?

Our latex core is made of one-piece vacuum foaming. During the foaming process, there will be bubbles and some materials will stick to each other when the mold is separated, resulting in irregular small holes, tear marks and glue injection holes on the surface and periphery of the pillow. This is not quality. Question, please feel free to purchase and use.

Adjustable massage latex pillow with two-way traction



The high, medium and low arc design subverts the traditional pillow shape, which can seamlessly fit the head and neck, generate two-way traction, and help stretch and fit the natural physiological curvature of the cervical spine.



There are 261 three-dimensional latex particles distributed on the surface of the pillow core to simulate fingertips, which can fully massage all parts of the head and neck and combine with the elasticity of the latex to form a dynamic pressing and relaxing massage all night long, making you feel more relaxed when you wake up.


93% natural latex

Natural latex has excellent resilience and rebounds quickly after being stressed. It is soft and will not collapse when you turn over. It responds quickly to changes in sleeping positions and is not easily deformed. It is durable.

Different heights at both ends

Sleep On Back

Sleep On Side