Adjustable massage latex pillow with two-way traction

Adjustable massage latex pillow with two-way traction


Our two-way traction adjustable massage latex pillow features 261 three-dimensional latex particles and a classic 45D density to provide all-around comfort and support, as if you were enjoying an intimate head and neck massage every night.

Taking you to a whole new era of pillows, we are proud to introduce our two-way traction adjustable massage latex pillow. Providing you with the ultimate in sleep enjoyment, this pillow combines innovative technology and comfortable design to bring unprecedented relaxation and support to your head and neck.
Size:22.83 x 14.57 x 4.72 in
Weight:3.2 lb
Color: White
Pillow Core: 93% Natural Latex, 7% Other
Outer shell composition: 60% polycool fiber, 40% lyocell fiber
Inner cover: 100% polyacetal fiber

Key Features:
Kinetic Massage Experience:
The surface of the pillow core is scattered with 261 three-dimensional latex particles, resembling a massage sensation simulated by your fingertips. This unique design fully massages all areas of the head and neck, and with the elasticity of the latex, creates dynamic pressure. The relaxing massage throughout the night will make you wake up feeling relaxed and bring you a brand new sleep experience.
Two-way traction design:
Subverting the traditional pillow shape, the high middle and low arc design seamlessly fits the head and neck, generating two-way traction. This unique design helps to stretch the cervical vertebrae and conforms to the natural physiological curvature, providing you with all-around support and comfort.

A supportive feeling in softness:
The latex pillow core features a classic density design with a 45D perfect combination of softness and rigidity. It senses the weight of the head, wraps around the head to sink to a comfortable position, and flexibly fits to support the shoulders and neck, allowing you to experience a levitation-like sleep feeling.
Excellent resilience:
The resilience of natural latex gives you the ultimate comfort during use. It springs back quickly after pressure is applied and is soft without collapsing. Even when turning over, it responds quickly to changes in sleeping position and maintains its shape for durability.

Breathable and soothing design:
Tens of thousands of tiny honeycomb venting holes are formed inside the foam-treated latex, complementing the double-sided perforations on the pillow’s surface to help ventilate the air and create an airflow evacuating structure. This helps dissipate residual body heat and moisture, keeping the pillow breathable and creating a fresh, refreshing sleeping environment for you.
Get out of the way and start your new sleep experience with an exceptional latex pillow. Whether you’re looking for a deep massage or perfect support, our two-way traction adjustable massage latex pillow is the ideal choice for every night. Grab one of our pillows and enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 22.83 × 14.57 × 4.72 in



22.83 x 14.57 x 4.72 in


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