Breathable massage pillow with microbead filling

Breathable massage pillow with microbead filling


Our microbead filled flow breathable massage pillow, 0.5mm delicate microbeads with pearl cotton, 2:1 golden ratio, for the ultimate comfort head and neck massage experience.

Our microbead-filled, flowable, breathable massage pillow provides the ultimate in comfort. With a golden 2:1 ratio, the combination of 0.5mm microbeads and pearl cotton provides you with unrivaled head and neck support and massage experience.
Size:24.80 x 16.93 x 3.94 in
Weight:0.94 lb
Color: White

Key Features:

1.Golden 2:1 ratio of microbeads and pearl cotton:
We have adopted the golden 2:1 ratio of 0.5mm microbeads and pearl cotton, the good fluidity of 0.5mm microbeads combined with the high elasticity and support of pearl cotton ensure that you enjoy the most comfortable support while you sleep.

2.Microbeads massage particles SPA neck protection:
The delicate 0.5mm particles are light and resistant to pressure, with excellent recovery properties. During sleep, these microbeads evenly contact the head and neck, providing you with a comfortable spa experience that effectively relaxes and de-stresses.

3.Granular flow, soft neck care:
Uniformly sized delicate particles have strong mobility, actively filling the sleep gap between the head, neck and shoulders, all-around pressure relief, bringing a soft and snug neck care feeling.

4.Breathable moisture, sleep without stuffiness:
The gaps between the particles allow air to circulate and keep the pillow core fresh. Breathability drains moisture throughout the night’s sleep, keeping away from stuffiness and discomfort, creating a fresh and pleasant sleeping atmosphere for you.

5.Double-sided partitioning, the filler does not run amok:
The front of the pillow adopts a delicate jacquard design, with chic flower pattern and meticulous workmanship. This design is not only beautiful, but also effectively prevents the filling from running around during use, ensuring that you always enjoy even support.
Let the Microbead Particle Filled Flow Breathable Massage Pillow be the focal point of your sleep space, bringing you a new experience of comfort and relaxation. Feel the soothing flow of the particles and enjoy the soft, neck-supporting feel, making every night’s sleep a time for you to pamper yourself.

Additional information

Weight 0.94 lbs
Dimensions 24.8 × 16.93 × 3.92 in



24.80 x 16.93 x 3.94 in


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